Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Activities for Word Study

WOW!  I finally did it!  I got my spelling system up on TeachersPayTeachers!  Here's a sneak peek at it!  I'm very excited because I know how much my students love these activities and I know other students will, too!  The product is 57 pages long and includes 30 spelling activities, as well as many forms, tips, and other resources.

To buy this spelling resource, head on over to my TeachersPayTeachers Store!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Irregular Verbs

So, YAY!  We finally sold our house and moved!  What a big job...and time zapper!  Thankfully we were able to find a great rental (and by great I mean good neighborhood, clean, good size, etc.) close by until we are able to move closer to home (Vermont!)  Of course, with all the moving I've had very little time to blog!  However, I took a little time today and got a new product up on TeachersPayTeachers - an irregular verb foldable graphic organizer.  It's more of a resource, than anything else, but I'm already seeing my students pull it out and use it - so that's what I consider SUCCESS!!  Like my other FGOs, there are several choices to pick from to print, so it allows for easy differentiation!

To buy this graphic organizer, head on over to my TeachersPayTeachers Store!