Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Lorax Bulletin Board

Words cannot express how much I love walking out my classroom door and seeing all of the truffula trees hanging from the ceiling!  This is what I see when I walk out the door!

This is the view looking toward my classroom .

Looking at the board straight on...

Here's the sign that's on the top left of the board...
I had intended to make more of the big truffula trees with the grey/yellow stems, but...1-I didn't love the way they turned out, 2-I made them and not the kids, and 3-the kids' Loraxes took up more of the board than I had originally visualized.  All that said....I love it!  It just shouts spring, which I think most of us can agree we all need right about now!
So, my students made all of the truffula trees (flowers) themselves and they came out looking amazing!  Then we incorporated Read Across America with science with the tiny Loraxes.  Students wrote something they thought the Lorax would tell us about conserving our natural resources on the Lorax's belly and they wrote something THEY could do to help conserve our natural resources. 

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