Sunday, July 5, 2015

Long time, no see....

It seems like every year I have to post something like this...."Sorry I haven't posted in a long time, I'm the worst blogger, blah, blah, blah..."  Well, once again, it's true!  Hopefully my posts, even though they are few and far between are helping someone, somewhere in their classroom!!  And maybe this will be the year that I figure out how to blog on a regular basis AND teach fulltime!  This year I'll be moving from fifth grade down to PreK, so I'll definitely have a ton to blog about!

Here's my classroom being built...I know it looks super big, and it is.  However, technically this is two rooms with a accordion divider between the two rooms.  That said, the other half of the room isn't used because these two rooms are our school's safe rooms and we have to have room for all the kiddos.  Therefore, I'm using all of the cabinets in the other side of the room, plus we'll be napping on that side (and the cubbies for mat storage will be there, too).  We'll also be using it for whole group activities that need more space than our rug in our classroom will accommodate.  I'll also be putting a group table, for small group work, in the middle where the two rooms are divided.

This is part of my storage room.  It's HUGE, yet I know I'm going to run out of room just the same!
These are two of the things I'm having built for the classroom.  The cubbies/lockers will go in the vestibule right outside of our classroom.  And the loft will go in one of the corners.  The loft is 12' by 5' and it is amazing!  The stairs hadn't been installed yet, but they go on the far left of the loft.  The top of the loft is our reading center.  It's got a kid size bookshelf, sofa, chair, end table, coffee table, and 3 bean bags in it.  The downstairs is our dramatic play area.  It'll have a kitchen, baby doll furniture, table and chairs, etc.  Eventually I'd like to add another kid size living room set down there.

This is the only thing I've really done so far, and I really only did it to test adhesives.  None of my furniture is in yet, so I'm patiently waiting for everything to arrive so I can set it up.  The chairs and laminator won't stay here (the laminator WILL be on the other side of the room on the counter though.  I want quick and easy access to it at ALL times!! Haha!) The empty cabinet door is going to be for our Color of the Week Scavenger Hunt.  Our entire school celebrates a color of the week through mid-November, so after that I'll reassess and decide what's going up there!

As I set up the room, I'll be sure to post additional pictures, along with what I'm including in each center, etc.
Thanks for reading!

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