Thursday, August 9, 2012

Classroom Pictures

Howdy, friends! So I spent about 7 hours out at school today (on top of the many I spent out there yesterday!) and I barely put a dent in what I needed to accomplish! The first few hours I spent cleaning all of my math manipulative totes (can we say GROSS!) and wiping down shelves, games, etc. Then I tackled my AR bulletin board. I'm not sure why some of my pictures are blurry - guess it's a good thing I'm not a photographer!

Students' Closet - this is where the kids hang up their jackets and backpacks. I also keep games in there for rainy days, etc. The white boxes are poster boxes (organized by subject) and the white step stool doesn't stay in there during the school year. Under the curtains are lots and lots of totes filled with art materials, previous years' themes, etc. I'll try to remember to pull the curtains back next time to take a picture of that!

These are my math manipulative shelves. They hold fraction circles, dice, clocks, measuring tapes, blocks, and lots more! (Sorry the picture is blurry!) You can also see my "concessions" sign. I'm going to be changing that to "Pirate's Grub" or "Fish Food" to go with my theme and then our monthly menu hangs below it.

The bookshelf is full of science, social studies, spelling, and math materials. The top of the shelf has buckets with president cards, little figurines in tubes (called Toobs from Safari), and state cards in them. The buckets are new this year, so I've still got to make labels for them!

One of the treasures in my room is my overhead projector! I might even be the only teacher in the school still using one, I'm not really sure! I love using this for workstations and students love using it even more! There are so many things you can do with them! On the middle shelf are the school provided test dividers and the bottom shelf has my white boards on it. These come from Home Depot. I bought a large whiteboard sheet and the nice man at Home Depot cut it into one foot squares for me! Yay, Home Depot! (Again, sorry that the picture is blurry!)

This next picture is of the table that houses my assignment trays, recycle bin (which is missing in this picture), and clipboards (which will be filled once students bring their supplies to school). You can also see my seat crates under this table.

And here's my AR bulletin board. It actually looks better in person than in the picture, but what can you do?! I've got to put my letters up for my saying (Open a Book...Find a Treasure), and then the rest of the board is up to the kids. I put one white treasure chest up to see for size, but that will come down and each student will get a blank one which they will get to decorate any way they wish. Then for every 5 AR points they earn, they'll get to add jewels to their treasure chest. Each month is a different color jewel, and they'll get "special" jewels (like string of pearls, gold coins, etc.) for challenges I issue throughout the year (ie: read 2 books by the same author, read 2 books in the same series, persuade your friend to read a book you recommend to them, read one picture book each day for five days, etc. - you get the idea). There are special jewels for 50 points (silver) and 100 points (gold), and each time they hit 100 points they get a bigger treasure chest to decorate. I can't wait to see their little treasure chests fill up with jewels!! All that said, looking at this picture my "seaweed" looks a little tall, so I might have to mess with that some, and I've GOT to do something about the size of the leaves for that tree!

More pictures to come as I keep working in my room!

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