Saturday, August 4, 2012

That's What I Call Progress

Such a productive evening! Previously I had finished two of my six crates for my classroom and two crates for my daughter. Today I finished my last four crates for my classroom and made one for my son, too. I bought enough material to also make new curtains for my classroom and my son's room.

I also glued the magnets on my lunch count fish, I still need to make the headings, drill holes in the top of the cookie sheet, and add ribbon, but then this, too, is done! Things are starting to fall into place! Yippee!

Oh, and did I mention I got some great deals at Walmart today. I got tablecloths (that I'm going to use for bulletin boards (one is dots, the other is fish), cute fish bowls, medium sized dot plates, small fish plates, and cups. The tablecloths total make sense and the big bowls I'll use for class parties...but the cups and small fish plates are a little over the edge! I'm sure I'll find something cute to do with them, though!


  1. I saw these same things at Walmart! The table clothes were $1 yesterday! I couldn't pass it up!

    Come check out my blog! You will notice something VERY similar!

    Newest follower,

    1. I can't pass up a good deal either!! I got mine when they were $1, too! I was about 10 minutes from the store when I went back and got a bunch more for the PTA board I'm on. The school's mascot is a dolphin, and since I'm Teacher Appreciation this year, I couldn't help myself!

      I'm off to see your blog! I haven't done much with the stuff yet (just using one tablecloth), but I hope to!