Friday, September 14, 2012

3 Weeks Down!

Phew! What a great start to school I've had! I'm wearing a lot of hats this year - I teach fifth grade, I'm the school's ESL Director, I'm also the UIL Director, and when needed I consult as the Reading Specialist! Thank goodness I have a small and WONDERFUL group this year, which allows me to spread myself a little bit too thin!

Some of the wonderful things going on this year:
*I only have 13 students.
*5/13 students are GT (Gifted and Talented) students, so on Fridays my class only consists of 8 children for one and a half hours...they are in music for half of that time, but I get them for the other 45 minutes! I LOVE this time with them! Today we played a variation of war with place value! I also gave them a reading assessment so I could plan some future activities (a/k/a GAMES!) to meet their individual needs! Have I mentioned how much I enjoy this time with them?!
*I'm loving Morning Meeting - this class has GOT it going on! If you don't know what Morning Meeting is - head on over to the Responsive Classroom website! You'll be amazed!
*I got BOGGLE up and running this year and my kids are loving it! There's one child in particular who is just putting her all into it each and every day! It's amazing to watch her work so hard!
*I love my beginning of the year science notebook - I'm using a lot of different resources CSCOPE, SuperTeacherWorksheets, ScienceA-Z, and little ole me! We spent a little bit of time discussing safety (even squeezed in some writing - wrote a paragraph on classroom safety and was SUPER picky about topic sentence, details, concluding sentence. We'll be typing them up next week!) We've now moved on to tools and we're having a good time learning about the tools - next up, centers so we can do some HANDS ON experimenting with them!! One of the things I created for them was a measurement graphic organizer! It came out so great I decided to put it up on TeachersPayTeachers!
*Our travel bags for Social Studies are looking GREAT! I'll be putting something up my my TeachersPayTeachers store eventually with this, but until then it's a little suitcase made out of a paper bag. One side is dedicated to continents/oceans and the other side is dedicated to states. We have travel "stickers" to glue on our bag, maps, inserts that go inside, songs and stories to help us remember the's just so stinking cute!

I know there's a lot more going on in my room right now, but these are the things that seem to be fresh in my mind!

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