Saturday, September 29, 2012

Classroom Photos

I'm going to take you on a tour of my sit back and enjoy!

Messy room before cleaning....

Sorting Bulletin Board Borders

Student closet (BEFORE)

Student Closet (AFTER)

"Seaweed" Door

Math Manipulatives and Shelves which hold science, social studies, math, and spelling materials (BEFORE)

Math Manipulatives and Shelves which hold science, social studies, math, and spelling materials (AFTER)

Overhead Station, Boggle, White Boards, Clipboards, Recycle Bin, and Homework Trays


Daily Schedule/Assignment Board (Had to use last year's theme for this, as the ones I thought I could use were too ratty and old looking. Will be making new ones soon!)

Accelerated Reader Bulletin Board - my students earn a jewel for every 5 AR points. In addition I offer special jewels for special challenges. They get a gold coin when they read specific books I suggest (when we read something about Ruby Bridges, I gave the challenge of reading one of our biographies on her; on Patriot Day I issued the challenge of reading a couple of different books that fit the theme, etc.) They get a set of pearls when they recommend a book to a friend, and that friend reads the book and passes the AR test....and as we go along the year I'll issue more challenges!
View of AR Bulletin Board and Classroom Library

View of magazine rack I got for $10 when Hollywood Video went out of business...I painted the yellow sides (which had their logo on it, too) with black chalkboard paint and left the purple alone.

Supplies Bookshelves Front and Back

Morning Meeting Message Cart - This is where I write my morning messages, often times they are interactive. I love this cart! At the top are our lunch stones that children move after they've read the message (and responded when appropriate) to indicate whether they brought lunch from home or are eating school lunch.

Outside Bulletin Board - I really wanted to put up a title and the original idea was to put up the subjects we'd be studying with subtopics as well, but that just never happened! Then I thought maybe I'd do something with kids' faces in fishes, or I don't know what else...but alas it still looks exactly the same as it did on day one. I'm not one for decorative bulletin boards, I really prefer functional, so it look like it might be time to take this bulletin board down and replace it with something worthwhile!

Looking inside from the outside hallway.


  1. Your classroom looks great! I'm wondering how you use your student closet.

    Your classroom looks big!

    Happy Blogging!

    -The Frizz

    1. The top part of the closet is full of labeled totes (art supplies, empty containers, etc.) Then the two bookshelves you see hold games. The white boxes are poster boxes which are stored by subject. I think you can see one pair of shoes in the picture, but when the kids are at school there are usually 5 or 6 pairs stored there waiting for recess and/or PE. And then finally they hang up backpacks on the pegs and jackets on the hangers.

      Thanks for visiting!