Saturday, February 9, 2013

100th Day Celebrations

Here are some pictures from our 100th Day celebration. We did 100th Day Mosaics. First, we had a lesson on the history of Mosaics (and WOW! I have to say I sure did learn a lot while I was researching them and making my PowerPoint!) Then they did a picture and writing for "When I'm 100 Years Old" and "If I had $100". Some of them were PRICELESS! One student was going to keep her money in a safe with lasers and pig guards and if her brother tried to steal it melted stinky cheese would squirt all over him...and others were going to buy a lot of duct tape (hmmm....who would have thought kids would be making hairbands and bracelets out of duct tape?! MacGyver would definitely approve!) And yet another 100 year old student would be writing a book about their life. 

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