Sunday, February 3, 2013

January 2013 Happenings

Here are a couple of the things we did in January in fifth grade:

First, after conducting an experiment about force, we used Excel to graph our results.  Students entered in the data, used a formula to find the average, and then graphed it.  Then of course the exciting part for them: PLAYING WITH ALL THE COLORS!  I reminded them that the important thing was that you could read their graph, which *most* of them kept in mind!  They have asked several times since when we were going to do another experiment that needed a graph!

And of course we had to do something for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! 
I found a GREAT product on TpT from Howywood Kindergarten!
It was reasonably priced and very user friendly!  I highly recommend it!
First, I printed the 26 quotes (included in the product from Howywood Kindergarten) onto cardstock. 
Next, students picked a quote that was meaningful to them and thought about what the quote meant to them.  Then, they wrote about it in the thought bubble. Students took their quote and used watercolors to paint over the quote.  Finally, when they were finished they completed the Martin Luther King, Jr. craftivity.  The craftivity was ALSO in the product from Howywood Kindergarten!
Here are a couple of close up pictures:

We got A LOT of compliments on this display!  One teacher even took the time to email my class a letter telling them how much she, as well as her students, enjoyed their display.  This made their day!  It was absolutely WONDERFUL! 

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