Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fifth Grade Science TEKS

Check out my new product on TeachersPayTeachers! I cut and pasted all of the science Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (objectives) into a document that I use in two different ways. The first way is to create lesson plans. The second way is to track assessment of these skills.

Many educators find lessons they want to do in the classroom and then try to find corresponding TEKS. However, when I try to lesson plan like that I find I have a lot of holes! Therefore, I like to select a TEKS (or two) and then go looking for activities that will support those TEKS. When I find something I like, I write the idea on the appropriate page(s) and then I can easily see what objectives I still need to find activities for. Of course I really love being able to touch on more than one TEKS with a single activity!

To use this for tracking assessment, I simply print the objective I’ll be assessing, print a sheet of labels with students’ names prewritten on them (I use Avery 5160 and a template in Microsoft Word), and then as I determine an objective has been met by a student, I pull the label off my sheet and stick it on the objective page. These are 3-hole punched and put into a binder. This way I can easily tell which students need more work on any given objective. See the next page for an example of what this looks like!

If you don't want to use labels every time (I know, those can get expensive!) then you can print class lists on the bottom of each page.  An easy way to do this is to print lists and then put the paper back in your printer and print the TEKS on each page.

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