Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Science Tools Foldable Graphic Organizers

I just put my latest Foldable Graphic Organizer up on Teachers Pay Teachers....except this product is actually FOUR foldable graphic organizers because there are so many science tools (including safety tools) I want students to put into their notebooks!  Here's the first FGO.  I have students mount them on colored paper so that it can easily be put into their notebooks.

We'll do an activity for each tool before completing it on the graphic organizer.  For example, for the gloves and safety goggles students will be given a coloring page and asked to make their child into a safe scientist, labeling everything they add.  During this time I'll be walking around noting which students include gloves and goggles.  I'll also be looking for aprons, and other safety items during this time.  In addition, , I'll be engaging students in conversation about why they picked the items they did.  If a student includes the goggles and gloves at this point, I'll check the student off of my list.  However, for those students who didn't include the goggles and gloves, after we learn about safety in the science classroom, they'll get another chance to add to their drawing.  I've even had students make note of the particular type of shoes the scientist were wearing!

Boys are given the one on the left, girls the one on the right.

For most of the other items, like the prisms, magnets, microscopes, graduated cylinders, etc., after giving a mini lesson on each item, I'll set up centers so students get a chance to get comfortable with how to use all of it.  Not only do they get more comfortable with using the tools, but I've found that this exploration time helps minimize the "playing" with the equipment at other, inappropriate times.  
Here are the other 3 organizers.  There are 21 tools in all.

To purchase these Foldable Graphic Organizers for TPT, click here: Science Tools Foldable Graphic Organizers.
And by the way, the adorable boy and girl graphics, as well as many of the
graphics in the foldable graphic organizer, come from:
There are a ton of wonderful graphics available on this site with no licensing
fee because Laura respects us as teachers!  How awesome is she?!

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