Sunday, September 13, 2015

Animal Clinic

To go with our theme of My Family and Pets this week I set up a Animal Clinic in our Dramatic Play center. 
On the left side of the dramatic play center, on the top shelf, we have a phone, a box for patient records, and a doctor's prescription pad.  In addition, there are three different clipboards.  One has a patient sign in sheet, another with patient information sheets, and a third with doctor's notes sheets.  On the middle shelf we have containers for cotton swabs, cotton balls, tongue depressors, & medication (we used foam circles, I never want the kids to mistake real medicine for play).  We also have leashes, collars, & toys.  On the bottom shelf we have food dishes, doctor's tools, & dog treats.   
On the right side of the center we have the different animals (fish, cats, dogs, snakes, and a frog).  One of my students also decided we needed a microscope in this center and added it to this shelf. I thought this was awesome!

In the middle we have a waiting room.  Next year I'll move the hooks for the doctor's and nurse's jackets and bags, but they were there from last week's Post Office Center and I decided not to waste the command strips to move them! 

We also have a light table set up with "x-rays" on it for them to check out!

Checking in for an appointment.
Filling out patient information sheet.  This sweet guy asked, "Does your dog need a shot?"  Haha!
Writing down doctor's notes!
I had so much fun making this dramatic play center! Here are some close ups!
the patient information and doctor's notes pages.

cards to label animals in center, word wall cards, and prescription pad

number sequencing puzzles, fun with spinners counting game, cards to label items in center, number recognition cards, patient record page

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