Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Color Days/Weeks

Our school has school-wide color days each week.  So far this year we've done red, blue, and yellow.  Besides everyone (in the entire school) wearing the color of the week on a specific day, here are just a few of the things we've done so far to celebrate!

Each week we decorate our doorway with streamers and cut out shapes on the designated color day.
Each week we cut out (the color of the week) items from magazines and catalogs and glue them onto contstruction paper.
For red week we used tweezers to sort pompoms.  All the red ones went into the red mini garbage cans!

Blue Week Snack: blueberry pancakes and blueberry yogurt on blue plates!  YUM!

Little Boy Blue in a pocket chart!  Students used the blue chart highlighters to highlight the word blue.  They used the other chart highlighters to highlight the letter h (our letter of the day).
Yellow Week Snack: lemonade, bananas, and vanilla wafers (I wish I would have known about lemon Oreos I would have done those instead!!)

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